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Jq Command Tutorials for Bash Shell Scripting | Udemy [Update 04/2022]
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Jq Command Tutorials to parse JSON Data (to read and write JSON Data) for Bash Shell Scripting

What you’ll learn
Jq Basics
How to Parse (read and write) JSON Data with Jq Command ?
How to use Jq Command in Bash Shell Scripting ?
How to pretty print json in the command line ?
How to use different type of filter on JSON Data ?
How to use jq select function with iterator filter and map function ?

This course is for anyone who works with json on Command-line or using Bash Shell Scripts.

Now a Days , DevOps Automation is more into REST APIs usage and REST APIs Response is json. So, to implement bash shell scripts by using REST APIs then you must know how to parse the response of REST API (I.e,. parsing JSON Data)

JQ is a program developed to filter JSON data. You can consider jq as sed, awk, grep like program but designed specifically for filtering JSON data. JQ supports filters, conditions, operators and other language features. While creation and understanding of JSON data is very simple due to its human readable format, JSON data parsing is still a very complicated task to achieve if done manually. Instead, you can use programs like jq to parse JSON data in minutes.

1. Usage of jq Command in Bash Shell Scripts

2. Filters & Options to work with JSON Objects

a. Identity Filter

b. Field Filter

c. Raw String

d. Field Filter with the combination of command and raw string

3. Simple Usage of Jq Command in Shell Scripts

4. Working with JSON Arrays using index concept

5. Constructing Objects and Arrays with and without inputs & Usage of -n option in jq command

6. Jq Functions

a. keys

b. length

c. max & min

d. unique

e. range & join

f. has & contain

g. map

h. select

i. pipes usage to handle multiple filters & functions

Who this course is for:
Programmers who work with json
IT professionals who work with json
Anyone who works with json





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