iOS 14 & SwiftUI: Build Instagram-like app w Google Firebase | Udemy

iOS 14 & SwiftUI: Build Instagram-like app w Google Firebase | Udemy [Update 02/2021]
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Learn how to build a complete social networking app from start to finish in Swift! [front-end + back-end]

What you’ll learn
How to build an Instagram-like app from scratch writing 100% in Swift!
Create beautiful screens using SwiftUI (front-end development)
Implement popular features such as liking & commenting on posts
Create a real database using Google Firebase Firestore (back-end development)
Manage user onboarding (Sign in with Apple + Google) and account creation
Build custom algorithms to download posts
Manage data efficiently using UserDefaults, image compression, image caches and multithreading
Optimize uploading and downloading tasks for a better user experience
Track user behavior using Firebase Analytics
Implement custom animations and haptics (vibrations)
Optimize screens for all iPhone sizes, in both light & dark mode
Implement alerts, action sheets, and other pop-ups to give users realtime feedback
Write safe and professional code to avoid crashes!

Welcome to DogGram! This course is designed to cover everything you need to be able to CREATE YOUR OWN SOCIAL NETWORKING APP from scratch.

In the first section of the course, we will focus on building the front-end of the app. We will use SwiftUI to create 15+ screens, set up the navigation, and add beautiful animations to the app.

In the second section, we will focus on adding the back-end to our app. We will connect DogGram to Google Firebase and set up a live database. We will allow users to sign in, create accounts, customize their profiles, and then upload/download posts in real time.

This will be a complete app from start to finish!

We will begin with a blank Xcode project and build the entire app together, writing 100% in Swift. This is NOT a template course where we build screens that just look good! We are building a fully functioning app, where real people can actually sign in, create accounts, and upload photos. Users will be able to like, comment, share, and report each other’s posts in REAL TIME!


Building for iOS 14 using SwiftUI 2.0

Creating 15+ screens

Adding custom animations


Users can like, comment, share, and report posts in real time

Users can upload images from camera roll + photo library and add custom captions


Connected to Google Firebase Firestore

We will manage uploading and downloading of data

Build algorithms to download posts


Sign In with Apple & Google

Fully customizable user profiles (display name, bio, profile picture)


UserDefaults to persist data

Image compression to manage data sizes

Image caches to save data locally

Multithreading to optimize app performance


Implement “if let” and “guard” statements to avoid all crashes

Handle user experiences using in-app pop-ups and alerts


Adding Google Analytics to track user behavior

Adding haptics (vibrations) and extra animations

Additional Challenges for further learning

Thanks for checking out the DogGram course! This course is a complete and well-rounded course that is perfect for anyone who wants to build their own app from scratch. In this course, we DO NOT cut corners and we take extra precautions to code like professional developers would – as if this would actually be used in the App Store! The course is GREAT FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS, although a very basic understanding of Swift is preferred. During the videos, I will be explaining (as simply as I can) what we are doing and why we are doing it. It’s my goal to have you comprehend and not just copy.

So welcome to DogGram, GET EXCITED, and I’ll see you in the next video!

Who this course is for:
Designed for students of all levels!
Beginners with a basic understanding of Swift and who want to learn how to create a complete app from start to finish!
Front-end Swift developers who want to get better with SwiftUI
Back-end Swift developers who want to learn Google Firebase
Anyone who wants to be able to create their own social networking app
Anyone interested in full-stack Swift development



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