Kick off your gaming QA career: basics of testing for games | Udemy

Kick off your gaming QA career: basics of testing for games | Udemy [Update 06/2021]
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Learn how to professionally test games and software! This course is great tool for QA professionals and beginners alike.

What you’ll learn
How to do manual testing for games, how to get QA job in gaming industry, general QA methodology, Bug reporting, how to write test cases
manual software testing, JIRA for testers

There is so much more to testing games than just playing them! QA career is considered entryway to the gaming industry and if you are interested in joining this lucrative and fascinating industry, testing job might be just the right start. In this course, you will gain necessary skills for QA job and learn:

– basics of quality assurance (testing)

– how to manually test games

– what is a bug and how to report them

– testing tools

– how to write test cases

– what is a testing strategy and how to pick the right one

– basics of testing methodology.

Many lessons will also be applicable to general software testing. At the end of the course, you will have skills to start or improve your QA career in games, deeper understanding on what is QA and why is it necessary for any modern software development. Besides testing, you will also learn more about gaming industry in general as well as agile methodologies.

This course is aimed at people who are interested in starting their QA career in gaming industry, but it’s beneficial for anybody already working in QA, considering changing careers to QA or requires deeper insight into how manual testing is done (for example producers, product owners, project managers). This course can be taken without prior experience in gaming and tech industry, but general understanding of technology and software is beneficial.

Who this course is for:
People looking to enter gaming industry, switching career to QA, testing professionals, game industry professionals looking to find out more about QA



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