ZB Trading – Cryptocurrency Price Action Course | Udemy

ZB Trading – Cryptocurrency Price Action Course | Udemy
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Price action, Smart Money Concepts, Key indicators, Trade case studies, Financial correlations

What you’ll learn
Intro to trading cryptocurrencies. Which exchange is right for you and everything to get started.
Complete run down of price action, key patterns that I look for, support/resistance, fibonacci levels
Smart money concepts, supply and demand zones, imbalances. How to use these to tilt the odds in your favour
Trading case studies: explaining trades I have taken in the past
Key Indicators I use to assist my trading

Learn real day-trading from an experienced full time cryptocurrency trader. If you are looking to start your journey as a complete beginner, or have experience and you are looking to refine your knowledge whilst pickup up some of my strategies, then this is the course for you. Make sure to join my trading community full of like minded individuals striving towards a common goal. Search me up on twitter @ZB_Trading and send me a DM for an invite to the free Trading Server!

In this course I will be teaching a variety of trading disciplines which I pull together to achieve success in this market. These include basic price action, smart money concepts, some of the indicators I use to assist my trading, and going over a few case studies from memorable trades I have taken in the past! I also share some of my exclusive winning strategies that have grown increasingly popular within my private trading community. If you have any questions dont hesitate to DM me over on twitter, or in the server!

Trading is a tough journey, and can be unforgiving at times. But if you are eager to put the work in and learn the ropes, and are willing to invest your time into learning and comprehending this incredible market, the opportunities will come to you. Every individual has their own journey, but I truly believe anyone can make it in this market with the right mindset and enough time put in. Practice, practice, and then practice a bit more

Who this course is for:
Aspiring traders of all skill levels, who want to successfully trade the cryptocurrency market using advanced technical analysis





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