Huawei – HCIA-AI v3.5

Huawei – HCIA-AI v3.5
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This course matches the HCIA-AI V3.5(Released on January 9, 2023).
Through this course, you will systematically learn the AI development history, the Huawei Ascend AI system, the full-stack all-scenario AI strategy, and the algorithms related to traditional machine learning and deep learning; and AI development framework MindSpore.

Course Objectives
Master the concepts, major schools, development history, hot fields, case scenarios, disputes, controversies and future of Artificial Intelligence.
Understand Huawei’s development strategy in the AI.
Master the theoretical foundation of traditional machine learning.
To solve AI tasks, master the process from data acquisition, processing, model building, to result output and evaluation.
Understand the basics of image, speech, and word processing and model building in deep learning.
Be familiar with the MindSpore framework, master development methods to implement simple applications.
Understand Huawei Ascend computing platform and products, Huawei cloud EI platform and services, Huawei device AI platform.
Understand cutting-edge AI applications, such as reinforcement learning, generated adversarial network, knowledge graph, automatic smart driving, quantum computing and machine learning.

Target Trainee(s)
Personnel who hope to become AI engineers.
Personnel who hope to obtain an HCIA-AI certificate.
Personnel who hope to know how to use, manage, and maintain Huawei AI products and AI services.

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