Udemy – World Of Containers – More Than Just Docker

Udemy – World Of Containers – More Than Just Docker
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Expand your knowledge of the container world using different container technologies

What you’ll learn
History of container technologies
What technology are containers built or
Installing and configuring different container technologies
Administering container technologies
Docker administration
Podman administration

Basic understanding of containers
Computer networking
Virtual Machines

The container landscape is changing and there’s a lot of technologies out there to learn. This course is meant to introduce you to the world of containers, and not just Docker. Not too long ago everything used Docker; however, there are other container technologies gaining traction. Technologies like Containerd and Podman have proven to be very capable container runtimes. Typically, in a container course you’re looking into one container technology. In this course I will be taking you through the world of container technologies, what are they, and when to use them. I use a mixture teaching concepts and demos to show you how things practically work. This is because I like ensuring you don’t just know how to do something, but why something works. I am continuing to work on this course and add more lectures. I want to make sure that you have a better understanding of container technologies, even if you have used them in the past, I hope to still teach you something new.

This course assumes that you have an understanding of the command line, Linux, networking, and operating systems. If I say an application is using port 8080, you should know what that means. If not, you should probably make sure you have an understanding of these basic technology concepts first.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: History of Containers

Lecture 2 History of Containers

Section 3: Container Technology Options

Lecture 3 Container Technology Options

Section 4: Docker

Lecture 4 Installing

Lecture 5 Docker Networking

Lecture 6 Publish Docker Containers

Section 5: Containerd

Lecture 7 Containerd Overview

Lecture 8 CLI Basics

Lecture 9 Containerd Mounts

Section 6: Podman

Lecture 10 Installing Podman

Lecture 11 Podman Getting Started

Lecture 12 Podman Volumes

Lecture 13 Podman Web GUI Interface

Section 7: Portainer

Lecture 14 Overview

Lecture 15 Installing Portainer

Section 8: Buildkit

Lecture 16 Enabling Buildkit (in Docker)

Individuals that are familiar with Docker but want to know what other container technologies exist,Beginner in the container world that needs an expansive view of containers,Needing to understand how containers work, not just how to use them

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