Udemy – Full Stack Web Development with React, MUI, Django, and DRF

Udemy – Full Stack Web Development with React, MUI, Django, and DRF
English | Tutorial | Size: 3.51 GB

Build and Deploy a Full Stack Web Application with React, Material UI, Django, and Django Rest Framework

What you’ll learn
Develop REST APIs using Django and Django Rest Framework
Develop Front End Apps using React
Combine Django & Django Rest Framework with React to develop full stack applications
Learn how to use Material UI
Learn how to use React Router
Form Validations
Typical CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations in web applications
Filtering and Pagination
Display charts using React
Reset password feature
Deploy applications to the cloud
Integrate with Google reCAPTCHA

Some experience with Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, JavaScript, and React
Knowledge of git version control

Welcome to the course!
This course uses various technologies including React, Material UI, Django, and Django Rest Framework to build a full stack web application.
We will use the technologies mentioned below when building the application
Django and Django Rest Framework
React (with hooks)
Material UI
React router
Testing APIs with Postman
SQLite (during local development)
Postgresql (during production)
Deployment on Heroku
We will be covering the following topics during development
Common operations like create, read, update, and delete
Create relationships between Django Models
Pagination, Filtering, and Ordering
Sign in and Sign up
API authentication
Custom Permission
Reset password via reset password email
Data aggregation with custom view sets
Visualization of aggregated data using charts
Dark Theme
Front End Form Validations
Usage of Context and hooks on React
Usage of Material UI components
Google reCAPTCHA integration
Environment Variables (for both local development and production)
This course is for you if
You have worked with React, Django, and Django Rest Framework before, and wants to learn how to build a full stack web application with these technologies
You have used React before and want to learn how to use Material UI
You want to have a template for building your own portfolio project

Who this course is for
Developers who are interested to use Django, Django Rest Framework and React to build full stack web applications
Developers who want to learn how to use Material UI

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