Udemy – Microsoft Teams For Administrators

Udemy – Microsoft Teams For Administrators
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What you’ll learn
Familiarize with MS Teams
Understand the integration of Microsoft Office 365 with Microsoft Teams
Understand the architecture of MS Teams
Manage the usage of SharePoint and OneDrive
Examine Teams sites in SPO and manage permissions
Integrate Teams with MS Exchange
Understand the licensing model of MS Teams
Learn about the management tools
Manage policies, email integration and file sharing
Create additional policies
Create and manage teams
Manage external and guest access


There is no required prerequisite for this course however, the candidates are expected to be familiar with Microsoft Windows operating system and Microsoft Office suite.


Microsoft Teams is the latest collaboration tool introduced by Microsoft. MS Teams has gained immense importance and popularity in the time of pandemic as the work, education and other interactions shifted from physical to virtual. Along with the other alternatives available for online collaboration, Microsoft Teams is becoming one of the most widely used collaboration tools because of its native integration with other software suites of Microsoft such as Office 365 and Exchange.MS Teams offers a wide range of features and functionalities from online meetings, tasks, groups, channels, recording to instant messaging and other applications and services. This course covers the MS Teams overview to enable the administrators of Microsoft Teams to properly manage the software deployment and troubleshoot end user issues easily. The topics covered in this course are from an administrator’s perspective and cover the topics to enable the admins to understand the architecture of MS Teams and to be able to manage the software along with the associated applications, services and integrations properly.This short course on Microsoft Teams really helps the administrators to feel comfortable managing the software that is becoming essential to communicate in these times. The other two courses in this series are recommended for administrators as well to get to know the basic usage of MS Teams. These courses are available as “Microsoft Teams for End Users” and “Microsoft Teams for Managers”.


Section 1: Microsoft Teams for Administrators
Lecture 1 Instructor Introduction
Lecture 2 Microsoft Teams for Administrators
Lecture 3 Topic A: Overview of Microsoft Teams
Lecture 4 Introducing Microsoft Teams
Lecture 5 Microsoft 365 Integration
Lecture 6 Microsoft 365 Integration Cont…
Lecture 7 Teams Architecture
Lecture 8 SharePoint and OneDrive Usage
Lecture 9 Demo – Examining Teams Sites in SPO and Permissions
Lecture 10 Teams with Exchange
Lecture 11 Demo – Creating O365 Groups and Teams
Lecture 12 Topic B: Overview of Teams Management
Lecture 13 Teams Licensing
Lecture 14 Teams Management Tools
Lecture 15 Demo – Overview of Management Tools
Lecture 16 Topic C: Managing Collaboration in Teams
Lecture 17 Managing Policies
Lecture 18 Managing Email Integration
Lecture 19 Managing Sharing Files
Lecture 20 Demo – Configuring Policies and O365 Group Configuration
Lecture 21 Additional Policies
Lecture 22 Demo – Meeting and Messaging Policies
Lecture 23 Topic D: Deploy and Manage Teams
Lecture 24 Creating Teams
Lecture 25 Demo – Creating Teams
Lecture 26 Managing Teams
Lecture 27 Demo – Managing Teams
Lecture 28 Manage Channels
Lecture 29 Managing External and Guest Access
Lecture 30 Summary

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