Udemy – The Ultimate Security Operations Training Course – All In One

Udemy – The Ultimate Security Operations Training Course All In One
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Understanding network architectures and securing communications technologies and network protocols.

Welcome to this course. While almost every country in the world has had to deal with hard economic times, one industry that has not been greatly affected by the downward economies is information security. Organizations and government agencies do not have a large enough pool of people with the necessary skill set to hire from, and the attacks against these entities are only increasing and becoming more critical. Security is a good business to be in, if you are truly knowledgeable, skilled, and disciplined.

Telecommunications and networking use various mechanisms, devices, software, and protocols that are interrelated and integrated. Networking is one of the more complex topics in the computer field, mainly because so many technologies are involved and are evolving. Our current technologies are constantly evolving, and every month there seems to be new “emerging” technologies that we have to learn, understand, implement, and secure. A network administrator must know how to configure networking software, protocols and services, and devices; deal with interoperability issues; install, configure, and interface with telecommunications software and devices; and troubleshoot effectively. A security professional must understand these issues and be able to analyze them a few levels deeper to recognize fully where vulnerabilities can arise within each of these components and then know what to do about them. This can be a challenging task. However, if you are knowledgeable, have a solid practical skill set, and are willing to continue to learn, you can have more career opportunities than you know what to do with.

In this course, you’ll learn:

OSI and TCP/IP models

Protocol types and security issues

LAN, WAN, MAN, intranet, and extranet technologies

Cable types and data transmission types

Network devices and services

Software-defined routing

Content distribution networks

Multilayer protocols

Convergent network technologies

Communications security management

Telecommunications devices and technologies

Remote connectivity technologies

Wireless technologies

Network encryption

Threats and attacks

Who this course is for:

Anyone interested in Network Security

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