Udemy – Learn Photography And Turn Your Shots Into Amazing Photos

Udemy – Learn Photography And Turn Your Shots Into Amazing Photos
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Improve Your Photography and Amaze Your friends by Enhancing Creativity of Your Photos
In this course you will know your camera better, understand different features of your camera and learn to apply those features to enhance creativity of your photos. You will learn about the three basic guidelines for taking good photographs, so that every time you click you make a good photograph. You will also know the difference between a good and a great photograph and learn to turn your photographs into great photographs.
You will know the brief history of photography and how it all started.
You will know about lenses, what is lens speed and focal length. You will know about different types of lenses, including special lenses; will know which lens is suitable for which type of photography and about lens care.
You will learn where to focus, how to perfectly focus your subject and know about different types of focusing systems. You will know about depth-of-field and how to enhance creativity of your photos by using different aperture size and thereby creating shallow or great of depth-of-field. You will learn which factors affect the size of the depth-of-field and how you could make your subject stand out in front of a cluttered background!
You will learn to use shutter speed creatively to capture motion and know the three techniques-freezing motion, blurring motion and panning. You will know how to take perfect sports photographs using fast shutter speed and beautiful dreamy photographs of a flowing stream using slow shutter speed!
You will learn how to expose your frame correctly and know about white balancing. You will know about different types of light and understand directions of light and characteristics of light.
You will also learn how you could improve the composition of your photos, using both conventional and non-conventional methods; know about different techniques to draw attention to your subject, including framing. You will know the best ways to take portraits and types of portraits. You will know how to take great landscapes and effects of different factors, including framing and sunlight on landscape photography. You will understand abstract photography, about different elements of abstract photography and how to make great abstracts.
This course also includes a section on Photo Story, where you will learn to create great photo stories, know what should be a Title shot and an End shot, and how to structure the story. In addition, you will also learn to edit your photos in Photoshop to achieve correct exposure and correct colour balance.
Finally, in the last section you will get some tips for taking great photographs.

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