The Well-Grounded Python Developer

The Well-Grounded Python Developer
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If you’re new to Python, understanding when, where, and how to use all its features can be challenging. This guide grounds you in the skills needed to progress as a software developer, covering building modules, creating web server applications, integrating database access, refactoring, and system decoupling to scale applications, and thinking about the big picture of your application.

What You Will Learn

Building modules of functionality
Creating a well-constructed web server application
Integrating database access into your Python applications
Refactor and decoupling systems to help scale them
How to think about the big picture of your application

About the Technology
A new programmer is happy just to see their code run, but a professional developer needs to create software that is reliable, fast, maintainable, scalable, secure, well-designed, documented, easy to update, and quick to ship. This book teaches the skills needed to transition from Python programmer to Python developer.

About the Book
The Well-Grounded Python Developer explains why Python is a great tool for professional development. It guides you through important skills like naming variables, functions, and classes, identifying and writing a good API, using objects, dealing with failures, connecting software to the internet, core security practices, and other professional-grade techniques.

What’s Inside

Create a web application
Connect to a database
Design programs to handle big tasks



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