Functional Design: Principles, Patterns, and Practices, 1st Edition

Functional Design: Principles, Patterns, and Practices, 1st Edition
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Title Overview
In “Functional Design,” Robert C. Martin, also known as “Uncle Bob,” advocates for functional programming as a means to craft superior software systems. This work contrasts object-oriented structures in Java with those in functional languages, illustrating the optimal application of each within software development. Martin’s practical approach, prioritizing real-world problem-solving over theoretical discourse, leverages the Clojure language to enhance code quality, design, and discipline. The book revisits SOLID principles and Design Patterns through a functional lens, demonstrating their continued relevance and applicability for achieving outstanding software design outcomes.

Key Features

Introduction to functional programming basics: immutability, recursion, and more
Comparative case studies on functional vs. object-oriented approaches
Functional design techniques for improving data flow
Application of SOLID principles in Clojure programming
Insights into functional testing, GUIs, concurrency, and design patterns
Guidance on developing enterprise-level Clojure applications

Praise for the Book
“Functional Design exudes ‘classic-on-arrival’. Bob pulls back the curtain to reveal how functional programming elements make software design simple yet pragmatic, accessible to object-oriented programmers from C#, C++, or Java.” –Janet A. Carr, Independent Clojure Consultant



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