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Stax English IELTS Master Course | Udemy
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Master your IELTS reading, writing and listening skills.

What you’ll learn
Master reading skills
Master writing skills
Master listening skills
Master speaking skills
Expand your vocabulary
Strengthen your grammar
Take a full Mock IELTS Test

Stax English is a course for students of all levels who are looking to take their IELTS test, or just improve their English.

We use science to develop methods to maximise memory retention, focus and problem-solving abilities.

Each section has a short video about an interesting subject, a braintraining exercise, a transcript, a vocabulary bank and several games.

The first thing to do is to get your brain ready to learn, so we provide a braintraining game designed to relax your mind, aid concentration, and get your brain ready to learn.

After playing the braintraining game for 5-10 minutes, watch the video provided for the section.

Once you have watched the video, we recommend that you read through the transcript carefully, and check the vocabulary bank to learn any words you are unfamiliar with (use a notepad to write down any new words – this has been shown to help you to remember them later).

Afterwards, there will be many games to play that will help you to learn more about the subject, and the vocabulary. We recommend that you play these games until such point as you are confident that you know all of the vocabulary, and how to use it yourself. Don’t worry, you can always come back and play these games again if you struggle later.

After you’ve mastered the vocabulary, it is time to practice your writing and reading skills.
We have created a number of lectures to help you master these skills, including ‘Written conversation simulator’ lectures, which will incorporate AI in order to mimic a real conversation.

You can use the WCS to learn more about the subject matter, and talk about things that interest you. This helps to improve your conversation skills, and helps to prepare you for the writing tasks.

Writing assignments are either 150 words long (Task 1) or 250 words long (Task 2).

You can check your assignment using the ‘Virtual Writing Tutor’ to perfect your grammar, sentence structure, and the strength of your vocabulary.
This will give you a rough idea of what you would score in an IELTS exam (but please bear in mind that there is no substitute for human marking). We recommend that you use the VWT to make improvements on your writing tasks, learn where you’ve done well, and what can be improved.

After this, you can submit your writing, and get constructive feedback from others on the course.

Who this course is for:
Anybody who wants to master IELTS
People who want to learn English



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