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Firebase with Vue 3 and VueFire | VueMastery
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So you’ve come to this point in your journey where you’ve been building powerful and dynamic apps with view, but you’re starting to hit a limit on what you can do with purely front-end technologies. For example, while it’s cool that you’re able to create individualized sessions of data locally, the reality is that users have come to have this expectation that their data will be able to persist across things like multiple sessions of using the app. And that’s where the need for a database comes in. But when it comes to choosing technology, it can be fraught with frustration and decision paralysis because, well, there’s frankly a lot to choose from.

Popular database types you should be aware of
And while going in depth on the different types of databases goes well beyond the scope of this course, I thought we’d go ahead and cover three high level categories that you should probably be aware of.



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