Skills Global Companies Want–Prepare for the TOEIC Test | Udemy

Skills Global Companies Want–Prepare for the TOEIC Test | Udemy
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Get a Great Score on the Latest TOEIC Listening and Reading Test

What you’ll learn
The skills of English grammar, vocabulary, listening skills, reading skills, and more
The TOEIC measures English job skills — Even if you don’t take the TOEIC, learn the English skills needed on the job.
The best way to prove your English ability to a company — Get a great score on the TOEIC Listening and Reading test
It’s an international business world — Even if you don’t take the TOEIC test, learn how to understand common accents in English
For non-native English speakers — Learn a fast, highly effective, effortless skill to expand your vocabulary
Get lots and lots of practice with four sets of TOEIC practice questions and explanations, and more


NEW CLASS! Full captions. Lots of practice exercises!

Rating: 5 out of 5

“Excellent course. The emphasis on different accents gives a student an edge when taking the test. The instructor – Nina – is well-prepared and speaks in a clear, easy-to-understand way. Recommended.”

Hanna Gil

Rating: 5 out of 5

“I believe Nina’s lessons are incredibly effective for beginner English learners to start small and grasp the essentials of the language. Her TOEIC course, in particular, sets itself apart from typical TOEIC courses. While the TOEIC test is often taken by ESL learners like myself, many of us are taught by non-native instructors. However, Nina’s course is sprinkled with foundational tips from a native speaker’s perspective, offering insights into core aspects of English learning that are fundamental yet previously unknown to me.”

Katsuhisa Fukuda

Rating: 5 out of 5

“Just excellent!! A unique perspective and approach for this kind of material. Nina is so clear and engaging, all the important things just sink in. This all is so perfect, just the kind of prep I needed !!”


Whether you need to take the TOEIC test or not, “Skills Global Companies Want — Prepare for the TOEIC (Listening and Reading) Test” prepares your English skills for the job market.

Every company is focused on and wants the best employee skills. The first skill needed is communication. Non-native English speakers need a way to show that their English skills meet the company’s needs.

The TOEIC test (Test of English for International Communication) is the most popular way to do this. More than 14,000 companies in 160 countries rely on it.

My newest course, “Skills Global Companies Want–Prepare for the TOEIC (Listening and Reading) Test”, gives non-native English speakers a competitive edge. 50% of the TOEIC Listening and Reading test is listening comprehension. THESE TOEIC LISTENING TEST QUESTIONS USE ACCENTS– THE SAME ACCENTS YOU EXPERIENCE IN THE CORPORATE WORLD!

“Skills Global Companies Want — Prepare for the TOEIC (Listening and Reading) Test” is the first material to teach you how to understand the biggest communication reality — people who speak English often have accents. The TOEIC test includes the British, Australian, Canadian, and American accents, and “Skills Global Companies Want” teaches non-native English speakers the major differences and how to understand these accents step-by-step.

Many TOEIC preparation materials give lists of English vocabulary, but other than giving topic lists for the TOEIC, these lists of vocabulary are guesses. “Skills Global Companies Want — Prepare for the TOEIC Test” gives you the most effective tool to grow the English vocabulary you’ll need on the job, and shows you step-by-step how to use this tool on the test and on the job.

In addition, you’ll enjoy a wonderful grammar overview and four practice tests with TOEIC-type questions and explanations that teach you easy ways to get the questions right.

“Skills Global Companies Want — Prepare for the TOEIC (Listening and Reading) Test” gives lots and lots of practice with each important English lesson.

Who this course is for:
Non-native English speakers who want to do well at work

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