Become a Penetration Tester | Udemy

Become a Penetration Tester | Udemy
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From Zero to Securing your First Job as an Ethical Hacker

What you’ll learn
Find and exploit vulnerabilities in websites, APIs, Linux and Windows machines
Write professional reports and write-ups
Hack a computer network comprised of multiple machines and vulnerabilities
Build your own hacking website
Be confident and give a strong positive impression during job interviews
Land your first job as a penetration tester

Stop wasting your valuable time scouring the internet, wondering if you are on the right track. I have spent years gathering the relevant knowledge you need to gain confidence and help you sign your first penetration testing job. It’s all right here in this one course, waiting for you to harness its full potential.

Join me, pentester and Team Leader Abdessamad Dhassi, as I walk you through every practical step to help you land your first penetration testing job, in your free time, from scratch! From the basics of security vulnerabilities all the way to negotiating your salary, this pragmatic class will provide you with the skills you will need to jump-start your career with the dream job you’ve always wanted.

In this super-efficient crash course, we will cover:

Hard skills you should acquire, and how to start practicing them right now on selected challenges online,

You will learn and apply proven techniques to stand out among other candidates,

Search for the right pentester job,

Tips and tricks to get the confidence you need to ace any job interview,

Learn how to negotiate a good salary.

You don’t need any prior knowledge about ethical hacking. The only thing I require from you is dedication.

This course is NOT for you if you can identify with the following:

You want quick and easy magic tips to become a hacker

You intent to use this knowledge to do harm or hack systems you don’t own

While the course offers a well-defined roadmap to acquire the essential skills to secure your initial position as a pentester, this course does not guarantee job placement.

Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants a clear and proven roadmap that helps you become a pentester
Anyone with a limiting career, and wants to free themselves with a job that boosts their professional future
Anyone who lacks confidence and can’t succeed in job interviews for penetration testing positions



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