Ruby on Rails 7 Active Record Models | Pluralsight

Ruby on Rails 7 Active Record Models | Pluralsight
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This course will teach you how to set up the active record models in rails 7 and programmatically interact with the database in a highly convenient manner.

What you’ll learn
Every modern web app needs a persistence layer to safely and conveniently interact with an underlying database. In this course, Ruby on Rails 7 Active Record Models, you’ll learn to implement a database schema using the Active Record library and define various business rules. First, you’ll explore the different utilities provided in Rails to generate the necessary entities or models representing a database schema. Next, you’ll discover how to establish relationships between different entities as well as modify these relationships with these entities via migration files. Finally, you’ll learn how to create validation rules for your models to ensure the data in the database keeps its integrity and is in line with business rules. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to work with databases directly using the ActiveRecord library.



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