Privileged Access Management : For the Absolute Beginners | Udemy

Privileged Access Management : For the Absolute Beginners | Udemy
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Learn Privileged Access Management in simple, easy way, Learn PAM in Cloud , On-Premise, FOR COTS

What you’ll learn
Importance of PAM
Types of accounts
What are privileged accounts
Privileged Accounts – A target for cyber criminals
Different Types of Data Loss – PII, IP and Confidential Information
Compliance Failures Related to Regulations, Laws, or Internal Standards
Crypto Mining
PAM in case of COTS Applications
PAM in case of Servers
PAM in case of Databases
PAM in Case of Network Devices, Endpoints, IOT and ICS
Cloud Security: Protecting Your Organization from Data Breaches
Protecting Cloud Infrastructure
Securing Cloud Management Console and Root Accounts
Securing API Access Keys in the Cloud
Securing SAAS Applications
Securing the DevOps Pipeline
Building a Strong Foundation: Initiating a Privileged Access Security Project
Four Actions which Security Leadership Must Have For PAM Project
PAM Tool Investment

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a critical component of modern cybersecurity. PAM ensures that the access to sensitive information and critical infrastructure is limited to authorized individuals only. This course, “Privileged Access Management: Mastering Security Fundamentals” , provides a comprehensive overview of the essential concepts, and techniques needed to secure privileged access to critical assets.

The course covers the key concepts of PAM, including the definition of privileged accounts, the risks associated with unsecured access, and the principles of least privilege. You will also learn about the essential components of PAM, such as password management, access controls, and monitoring tools.

The course is designed to equip you with the knowledge/skills needed to implement and manage PAM solutions effectively. You will learn how to identify and manage privileged accounts, implement password policies, and configure access controls. The course will also cover the best practices for monitoring and auditing privileged access to ensure compliance with security standards.

This course is suitable for cybersecurity professionals, system administrators, and anyone responsible for managing privileged access to critical assets. By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and skills to implement effective PAM solutions to secure your business against unauthorized access.

By enrolling in this course, you will gain a competitive advantage in the job market by acquiring the essential skills and knowledge needed to implement and manage PAM solutions effectively. This course is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to enhance their cybersecurity skills and take their career to the next level

Who this course is for:
IT Engineer
Security Engineer
Security Analyst
IAM engineer
IAM Manager
Security Manager
System Admin



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