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Python Django: Build an E-commerce Store – 2024 | Udemy [Update 01/2024]
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Build an E-commerce Store with Django | Hands-on demonstrations | Deploy a Django Web Application

What you’ll learn
Build an e-commerce store with Django
Implement payment integration with PayPal
Learn how to build a real-world application
Create a shopping cart feature for your ecommerce site
How to deploy our website and host it on a live server (AWS Elastic Beanstalk or Render)
AWS Integration – Utilise Amazon Web Services (AWS) for storage (Amazon S3), database (Amazon RDS), and hosting (Amazon Elastic Beanstalk)

Welcome! I’m here to help you to build your own E-commerce store with Django.

— Please read carefully —

This course is primarily intended for those with a basic knowledge of Django. You also need to have some knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a little bit of bootstrap would be helpful. If you meet these conditions then this course is for you!

I want to help YOU to build your very first E-commerce store!

Please note:

The eCommerce store project that is developed in this course is for learning purposes only. I will teach you how to build an eCommerce store with the expected custom functionalities of a live store.

I do not promise that this course is going to be a 100% eCommerce solution for your business. Another important thing to bear in mind, is that this course is not for non-technical users.

The Python Django: Build an E-commerce Store – course has been structured in a simple and logical order. Everything that has been designed from the styling to the graphics and topics covered is crafted with the absolute duty of care towards the student.

Detailed course breakdown:

Building an ecommerce store with Django

Learn the fundamentals of Django.

Set up the foundation for an ecommerce website.

Payment Integration with PayPal

Implement payment processing using PayPal.

Real-World application development

Gain practical experience by building a real-world ecommerce application.

Shopping cart development

Create a shopping cart feature for your ecommerce site.

User management

Implement user management functionality.

Email verification

Add email verification features to enhance user management.

AWS Integration

Utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) for storage (Amazon S3), database (Amazon RDS), and hosting (Amazon Elastic Beanstalk).

Deployment (live server hosting) options

Explore different deployment options, including Render deployment and Amazon Elastic Beanstalk deployment.

Shipping and order functionality

Implement shipping and order processing features.

Styling and validation

Enhance the user interface and ensure data validation.

Password management

Implement secure password management features.

Cart functionality

Handle shopping cart functionality, including sessions, adding, deleting, updating, testing, and optimization.

Context processors

Learn about context processors and their role in Django.

Model management

Understand how to manage models within the Django framework.

Additional functionality

Explore extra functionality beyond the core topics.

It covers all the concepts that you need to be aware of, in order to create your e-commerce store.

The course is structured in a logical and cohesive way – not just random lectures plastered everywhere.

It starts off very simple and then builds on gradually throughout the course.

This course is jam-packed with code snippets/references and with the full project source code (as a zip file).

We will learn how to integrate PayPal functionality.

The Python Django: Build an E-commerce Store course is a highly practical course and allows you to apply your knowledge:

There is a wealth of hands-on lectures throughout this course.

Your instructor:

My name is Arno Pretorius. I’m a qualified IT teacher who has taught programming both in-person and online. My main passions are teaching and technology, so I thought why not just combine the best of both worlds to create something truly amazing and valuable. Over the years, I have created and deployed many real-world Django-based applications, including a job portal for university graduates and an exclusive social network.

I’m a Software developer, an AWS Solutions Architect and Developer associate. I have a keen interest in cloud computing, web development and everything that relates to programming and technology.

So, let’s go and become fluent in Django, along with an extra service or two.

Trust me you are in good hands!

This course also comes with:

– 18 + hours of on-demand video

– Full lifetime access

– A Udemy certificate of completion

– Access on mobile and TV

Join me in this course if you want to build your own E-commerce store with Django!

Who this course is for:
Django developers who want to add a live project to their portfolio
Django developers who want to learn how to build a real-world project



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