Azure Machine Learning & MLOps : Beginner to Advance | Udemy

Azure Machine Learning & MLOps : Beginner to Advance | Udemy [Update 01/2023]
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The most compressive course covering MLOps and machine learning on Azure | Zero to Hero

What you’ll learn
How to use Azure Machine Learning from Development to Production
How to Use Azure DevOps for Continuous Integration, continuous deployment on Machine Learning
How to automate End 2 End machine Learning Solution on Azure
How to Deploy Machine learning Models on Azure (Azure Container Instances, Azure Kubernetese Services, managed endpoints)
Run an end-to-end CI/CD MLOps pipeline using Azure DevOps & Azure Machine learning
Bests practices and highly demanded capabilities of machine learning on Azure Cloud

A course instructed by me and my digital twin if:

You are looking for a comprehensive, engaging, and fun course for mastering Azure Machine learning ( up to even advanced industry-required topics) plus fully hands-on end-to-end implantation of MLOps ( DevOps for Machine learning on Azure). If yes, then this is the right and very unique course for you!

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) is a rapidly growing culture nad highly demanded in the industry with a set of principles, and guidelines defined in the machine learning world to deploy a machine learning model into production.

Azure Machine Learning is a cloud service for accelerating and managing the machine learning project lifecycle. Machine learning professionals, data scientists, and engineers can use it in their day-to-day workflows: Train and deploy models, and manage MLOps.

You can create a model in Azure Machine Learning or use a model built from an open-source platform, such as Pytorch, TensorFlow, or scikit-learn. MLOps tools help you monitor, retrain, and redeploy models.

Key points about this course

Very detailed in-depth and comprehensive coverage

This course will help you prepare for entry into this hot career path of Machine Learning and MLOps

The course is regularly updated with recent features

Best practices and impactful features of Azure ML (e.g, Explainable AI) with its tricks are all covered

Contains some extra videos relevant to Azure Machine Learning and Databricks (Apache Spark)

Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to learn more about Data Science and Machine Learning specifically on Cloud
Data scientists who want to earn DP-100 Certification
Developers who want to enter AI Cloud Solution Architect or Machine Learning Engineer career path
Anyone who wants to start a career in or wants to learn about the Machine Learning and MLOPs on Cloud



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