PenTest Magazine Vol 17 No.6 : Best of 2023

PenTest Magazine Vol 17 No.6 : Best of 2023
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Another challenging year is about to end! Felling the festive atmosphere, we’ve prepared a special “Best of 2023” eBook, that contains a selection of the finest cybersecurity articles, tutorials, and case studies published in PenTest Magazine this year. It’s definitely a wonderful treat for those readers who want to catch up with all the highlights conveniently in one issue.

The eBook starts with a wonderful article by Gabrielle Botbol that explores the importance of APIs for developers, how to find API endpoints in Android applications, and the vulnerabilities that APIs are susceptible to. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of the security risks associated with APIs and how to perform a penetration test to identify and address potential vulnerabilities in your Android application’s APIs.

On the topic of API Security, you’ll follow up with “API Security Common Mistakes” by Sandeep Kumar Singh. Designing and building secure APIs by following security best practices is critical to protect your customer data and applications. This article highlights common mistakes that are seen with API Services.

Next, you will read about the role of Secure Access Service Edge in cybersecurity by Enoch Anbu Arasu. The future of cloud security lies in SASE, which promises to provide organizations with a comprehensive and secure solution to manage their network security needs.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive write-up on Scapy, and it’s usage – we got you covered! Saad Babar brought in to the table a fantastic write-up on this powerful Python-based packet manipulation tool.

For the tool enthusiasts, Max Ahartz presents his cloud-based hash cracker – Zues7v2. This project started as a fun automation project, combining learning how to automate in a zero-trust cloud environment with a topic of interest like “hash cracking”. Definitely one of the best tools presented in PenTest Mag in 2023!

Regarding the protocol security, the article “Good, Bad and the Ugly of HTTP/2” is definitely your must-read. The authors, Pranali Phadtare, Soummya Kulkarni, Shruthi Shunmugom M, showcase a few of the security vulnerabilities associated with HTTP/2 protocol. It is very much essential for any organization to ensure that they are aware of these security loopholes and take prompt action in preventing bigger cyber-attacks.

We know that among our readers there are Bug Bounty Hunters, and we have something wonderful for you, too! Anderson Sales brought to the table a very interesting read on Bug Bounty Reconnaissance Framework and enhancing and streamlining subdomain enumeration with this robust and versatile tool.

In you are into Radio Frequency Penetration testing, you can’t miss the insightful write-up by Berker Kilic In contemporary times, with the exponential growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), smart homes, connected cars, and wearable devices, the importance of RF pentesting has soared significantly. This specialized form of testing has emerged as a crucial tool for evaluating the security of wireless networks and assessing their resilience against potential cyber-attacks.

Last but not least, the “Best of 2023” PenTest Magazine eBook closes with an amazing article by Prathibha Muraleedhara on one of the most common exploits – Subdomain Takeover. This article will describe several tools that can be used to automate the discovery of vulnerable subdomains so that appropriate mitigations can be applied.

We would also like to thank all the authors who contributed to PenTest Magazine in 2023, as well as all the reviewers who helped in the creation of our magazine.

We wish our readers all the best in the upcoming year 2024 🙂



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