Hakin9 Magazine Vol 18 No.8 : Best of 2023

Hakin9 Magazine Vol 18 No.8 : Best of 2023
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Welcome to the much-anticipated “Best of 2023” edition of our cybersecurity magazine! As we reflect on the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of digital security, this issue promises a curated selection of the most compelling and cutting-edge articles that have captivated our readers throughout the year.

Within the offensive security domain, our adept contributors have explored the realm of penetration testing, concentrating on the formidable Raspberry Pi. They delve into the capabilities of The PenTesters Framework, unraveling its potential.

Additionally, they’ve explored the intricate techniques behind Bitcoin account hijacking using OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) methods, providing invaluable insights into the vulnerabilities that can be exploited within the cryptocurrency domain.

For those intrigued by the darker corners of programming, our authors have not shied away from examining the development of malicious software. From a tutorial on crafting a simple ransomware using Python to a comprehensive guide on Metasploit from scratch, readers will gain a deeper understanding of the tools and tactics employed by cyber adversaries.

This issue also features a glimpse into the world of password cracking with “Hashcat: A Beginner’s Guide,” empowering readers to comprehend the intricacies of cryptographic hashing and its vulnerabilities. On a more social level, our experts explore the art of social engineering, shedding light on the strategic interactions that can lead to information extraction and compromise.

In an exclusive interview, we sit down with Alexandre Teyar, the brilliant mind behind BurpGPT, unraveling the inspiration and innovation that led to the creation of this essential cybersecurity tool. Furthermore, we investigate the unique cybersecurity implications of Chat GPT, highlighting the potential cyber threats associated with the use of conversational AI.

To deepen our understanding of privacy and anonymity, we venture into the realm of Onion Routing, peeling back the layers to provide an introduction to this critical aspect of online security.

As we present the “Best of 2023,” we invite you to explore the diverse facets of cybersecurity covered in this issue. From hands-on tutorials to in-depth interviews, this compilation serves as a comprehensive guide for enthusiasts, professionals, and anyone keen on staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity.

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