NEW Amazon (KDP) Guide to Success and Self Publishing | Udemy

NEW Amazon (KDP) Guide to Success and Self Publishing | Udemy
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Discover the Secrets to Self-Publishing and Business Wealth on Amazon KDP

What you’ll learn
Become a Published Author in six months or less
How to Publish a Paperback book and E-book on Amazon at the same time
How to Create Read-Only E-books on Your Website for Profit
Learn how to make Passive Income as a Published Author on Amazon
Introduction to Sales Funnels and Lead Generation for Authors
Improve your Personal Brand and Authority as a Leader in your industry
How to use Free software from KDP Amazon to become a Self-Published Author
How to Setup Book Signing Events and National Book Tour

Build a successful and profitable brand by making yourself an Amazon bestselling author using proven effective 100% marketing techniques.

The Benefits of being an Amazon Published Author!

We teach you how to Publish your E-Book on KDP Amazon and your Website to generate Passive income

Create a One-Time-Build product that produces passive income and we will guide you from A-Z

Create huge profit margins for your book

Go on national book tours

Get featured at special events

Create more books in your field

Get invited to public speaking platforms

You created a life-time product that generates money

Create your own publishing agency with what you learned


There is no better time than now to become a Published Author on Amazon. You will learn 1. How to publish your E-book on KDP and 2. How to Publish your E-Book on your Website for MORE Profit!

Enroll in this course and start learning how to create generational Wealth as a KDP Published Author and Entrepreneur.

Published Authors are respected and regarded as leaders in their industry. Published Authors are in High demand!

I am a Multi-Published Author on Amazon and a business coach, that means I will teach you how to do extremely well in business


Low content paperback and Kindle KDP books are books like planners, notebooks, and diaries. Low content books also include Fill-In books which are great for the personal development industry and produce massive profits.


I am a Multi-Published Author and Business Coach. Not only will I teach you how to publish a book, I will also teach you how to build a strong and respected brand from it. In addition, you will also receive a business model and strategy plan that will help you identify your target audience and how to scale your business like never before.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2007 and had the humbled honor to teach, mentor, and coach many entrepreneurs, students, and businesses.


If you have questions about entrepreneurship or business development just know that I am here to help!

1. I’m passionate about Entrepreneurship and Business development

2. I am obsessed with providing value in my courses

3. I am grateful and appreciative of each student that enrolls in my courses

4. I ensure that students get value for enrolling in my courses


You have my word and promise that in any of my courses I will go out of my way to help you succeed in business just like I’ve done for my other students.

Who this course is for:
Students that want to know how to Create KDP Paperback and E-Book Profit
Students that want to know how to Create Read-Only E-books on Websites for Profit
Students that would like to create a passive income with Amazon Publishing
Students new to Amazon publishing or students looking for additional strategies on self-publishing
Students looking to create an online business with unlimited opportunities
Students looking to Create a Profitable Business
Professionals who want to Improve and Grow in their industry
Students Who Want to Turn Knowledge Into Profit



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