Master R for Statistics and Data Science | Udemy

Master R for Statistics and Data Science | Udemy
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A former Google data scientist teaches you R starting with the basics, and learning common tools for data science.

What you’ll learn
Master the basic parts of R like vectors and matrices
Learn more complex data structures like data frames and lists
Learn R’s probability functions for simulating data and calculating probabilities
Practice these skills using Udemy’s built-in coding exercises

This comprehensive R course starts from the very basics, covering vectors, matrices, data frames, and more, ensuring a solid foundation for beginners.

Start your journey to becoming an R expert today!

Key Features:

Learn R from scratch with a step-by-step approach

Hands-on exercises for practical experience

Understand data structures and data manipulation in R:



Data frames


Subsetting data

apply() functions on matrices

Learn about probability distributions and R’s tools for probability.

r functions for generating random variables

d functions for finding the probability of single events

p functions for finding cumulative probabilities

q functions for finding percentiles

Learn about common probability distributions commonly used in data science, including the binomial, geometric, exponential, normal, Poisson, gamma, and uniform distributions.

Lifetime access to course materials and updates

Target audience and pre-requisites:

This course is designed for all levels, and assumes no prior knowledge of R. Some experience programming or analyzing data is helpful, but we will build all knowledge from scratch!

Some sections, especially in the second half of the course, will assume a foundation in basic algebra and arithmetic.

Start with the fundamentals of R programming, and gain proficiency in R to position yourself as a skilled data scientist.

Who this course is for:

Aspiring data analysts or data scientists who want to learn R



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