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Managing Docker in Production | Pluralsight
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NOTE: This path is our replacement for the “Managing Containers with Docker” path. This path takes a more focused approach to get you the skills you need in a more succinct way. We will always be looking to add new and exciting topics on Docker either within or outside of this path in the future.
This path takes you through the fundamentals of using Docker to manage your containerization needs. You’ll begin with the basics, understanding the purpose of containers and how Docker fits into the picture. You’ll then move on to the different techniques and settings you might need for managing Docker containers. By the end of this path, you’ll have a solid foundation in Docker tools and techniques.

Managing Docker in Production
Level: Beginner-Intermediate
Duration: 18h 47m
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01-Getting Started with Docker (Oct 2020)
02-Managing Docker on Linux Servers (Feb 2021)
03-Managing Docker on Windows Servers (Feb 2021)
04-Managing Container Images (Dec 2020)
05-Managing Docker Networking (Jun 2021)
06-Monitoring Containerized Application Health with Docker (Jul 2021)
07-Preparing Docker Apps for Production (Dec 2020)
08-Getting Started with Docker Swarm (Jun 2021)




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