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The complete course for learning Linux Administration

What you’ll learn
Linux administration refers to the process of managing and maintaining the systems, services, and infrastructure that run on the Linux operating system.
Linux installation and configuration
Linux system management
Linux network configuration and security

Learn the skills for managing and maintaining the systems, services, and infrastructure that run on the Linux operating system. This includes tasks such as installing software, configuring services, monitoring system performance, and ensuring security and stability. Linux administrators are responsible for maintaining the reliability and availability of the systems they manage, as well as ensuring that they are secure and comply with any relevant regulations or policies.


1. Introduction

2. Role and responsibilities

3. Overview of the various distributions of Linux

4. Introduction to the Command Line Interface and basic commands

5. Preparing for installation

6. Installing Linux

7. Post-Installation Configuration

8. Package Management in Linux

9. System Updates and Upgrades in Linux

10. File Systems and Disk Management in Linux

11. Overview of Network Protocols in Linux

12. Configuring Network Interfaces in Linux

13. Network Services in Linux

14. Monitoring Network Performance in Linux

15. Introduction to Security in Linux

16. User and Group Management

17. Firewall Configuration

18. Secure Shell (SSH)

19. Monitoring System Security

20. Virtualization with Linux

21. High Availability and Load Balancing

22. Scripting and Automation

23. Monitoring and Performance Tuning

24. Summary of the Linux Administration Course

25. Career Opportunities for Linux Administrators

This course will provide a comprehensive overview of Linux administration.

With the skills learned, you can confidently set up, configure, and manage a Linux system

Linux is a powerful and flexible operating system that is widely used in both personal and enterprise environments. And as a result, there is a high demand for professionals with expertise in Linux administration.

Who this course is for:
Those wishing to become Linux Administrators and also for Systems Administrators, Network Administrators, DevOps Engineers, Cloud Engineers, and Database Administrators



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