Apache Flink & Kafka End-to-end Streaming pipeline Hands-on | Udemy

Apache Flink & Kafka End-to-end Streaming pipeline Hands-on | Udemy
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Python Big Data Internship Program: Real Time Streaming pipeline with Kafka, Flink, Hadoop HDFS, Elasticsearch & Kibana

What you’ll learn
Kafka fundamentals: Master the key concepts and functionalities of Apache Kafka for efficient data ingestion and streaming.
Flink (better than Spark) for real-time processing: Learn how to leverage Apache Flink for real-time data processing and analytics in streaming pipelines.
Elasticsearch for indexing and search: Explore the capabilities of Elasticsearch for indexing and querying large volumes of streaming data in real time.
Visualization with Kibana: Use Kibana to create interactive visualizations and dashboards that provide insights into your streaming data pipeline.
Integrating Kafka and HDFS: Learn how to integrate Kafka with HDFS using Python to store streaming data efficiently and reliably.
Hands-on implementation: Get hands-on experience by building a Python-based solution that consumes Kafka data streams and stores them in HDFS
PyFlink for real-time processing: Utilize PyFlink for real-time data processing.
Pydoop for HDFS integration: Integrate HDFS with Python using Pydoop.
Kafka-Python for Kafka integration: Connect to Kafka and process streaming data using Kafka-Python.

— This is the only updated Handson “Apache Flink” Course in the World !

Say goodbye to the frustration of searching for code snippets or outdated examples!

Our course ensures you have everything you need to succeed. We believe in the power of hands-on learning, and that’s why we provide you with comprehensive handson with code samples and examples.

NB: This is not a theorical course, It’s a practical big data hands on course

For Non-Python developer’s help, All Flink & Kakfa Python codes are explained line by line in such a way that even a non -technical person can understand.

Unlock the power of real-time data processing and revolutionize your data engineering skills with our comprehensive practical course, “Build End-to-End Streaming Pipeline: Python Big Data Hands-On.”

Designed for data engineers, Python developers, and big data enthusiasts, this course takes you on a practical journey to master the art of building streaming data pipelines using Python.

Through hands-on exercises and real-world examples, you’ll gain a solid understanding of streaming data processing concepts, Python programming for big data, and essential tools like Kafka, PyFlink, Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Pydoop (HDFS).

From data ingestion to transformation, real-time processing to storage, this course covers it all, empowering you to build scalable and efficient streaming pipelines.

What sets this course apart is its practical focus.

You’ll dive into actual implementation, learning how to consume data from Kafka topics, process it using Python, and store it in Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) using Pydoop.

Gain invaluable experience in working with real-time data, handling big data challenges, and designing end-to-end streaming pipelines that deliver actionable insights.

Whether you’re a seasoned data engineer looking to enhance your skills or a Python developer venturing into the world of big data, this course offers a beginner-friendly approach with step-by-step instructions

This is complete Big Data Streaming hands-on experience where you’ll learn to build an end-to-end stream processing pipeline from scratch using Python., we’ll build a powerful end-to-end stream processing pipeline using Flink (PyFlink), kafka , Hadoop HDFS, Elasticsearch, and Kibana !!!

Join us today and embark on a transformative journey to become a proficient builder of end-to-end streaming pipelines using Python Kafka, Flink (PyFlink), HDFS (pydoop) , Kibana and more +

Who this course is for:
Big Data Enthusiasts: Professionals or enthusiasts interested in working with big data and real-time data processing.
Python Developers: Python developers who want to explore the world of big data and streaming data processing.
Data Engineers: Aspiring or current data engineers who want to expand their knowledge and skills in streaming data processing.
Beginners in Big Data: Individuals who are new to big data and streaming data processing but have a basic understanding of programming concepts. The course will provide a beginner-friendly introduction to building streaming pipelines, helping them gain confidence and practical skills in handling real-time data.





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