Linkedin Learning – Cert Prep – Kubernetes and Cloud Native Security Associate (KCSA)

Linkedin Learning – Cert Prep – Kubernetes and Cloud Native Security Associate (KCSA)
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The Kubernetes and Cloud Native Security Associate (KCSA), one of the newest Linux Foundation certifications, allows beginners to validate their “understanding of the baseline security configuration of Kubernetes clusters to meet compliance objectives.” If you’re preparing for the KCSA exam-or just want entry-level security knowledge from a Kubernetes perspective-then this course is for you.

Instructor Michael Levan offers a comprehensive overview of Kubernetes, cloud native security best practices, and mitigation strategies, providing hands-on demonstrations along the way.

Learning Objectives:
• Demonstrate how to scan clusters, containers, and code with various libraries.
• Explain how to think about securing code prior to containerizing the code.
• Recognize how policy enforcement impacts Kubernetes environments.
• Discuss how pod security standards implement privileged, baseline, and unrestricted access.
• Demonstrate how to secure the Kubernetes scheduler, the kubelet, container image
registries, and kube-proxy.
• Describe spoofing workloads and users in Kubernetes.
• Illustrate how to scan code and containers for security risks.
• Describe how to restrict program capability with AppArmor, a popular Linux kernel module.

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