Data for All – Manning Publications (2023)

Data for All – Manning Publications (2023)
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Discover the journey of your personal data in the digital age with “Data for All,” an eye-opening exploration by bestselling author John K. Thompson. Learn how your data is harvested and exploited, and the steps you can take to access, delete, and even monetize it. This book empowers both tech enthusiasts and the general public to take control of personal data, revealing the types of data you generate, where it’s stored, and how to manage its access and monetization. Thompson demystifies the data economy, offering insights into the upcoming changes in data ownership and how to transform your data into a financial asset.

About the Technology
In the era of ubiquitous data collection, new global laws aim to shift control back to individuals from companies profiting from personal data. “Data for All” provides a visionary outlook on reclaiming your data, highlighting the potential to earn a “data dividend” from your online activities, and maintain privacy over your personal information.

About the Book
“Data for All” offers a practical guide to transforming your relationship with data. It outlines a step-by-step plan for overseeing who accesses your data, understanding its worth, and ensuring your privacy. The book paints a hopeful picture of a new data ecosystem designed for individual benefit and financial gain from one’s own data.

What’s Inside

The everyday data you generate and its implications
Strategies for managing and monetizing your personal data
Understanding the evolving perception of data
Insights into the emerging data ecosystem for individual benefit

About the Reader
Ideal for anyone curious or concerned about personal data usage, with no technical knowledge required.

About the Author
John K. Thompson is an international technology executive with over 37 years of experience in data, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence.

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