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Life Coaching Business Course | Udemy
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Build a Successful Life Coach Business and Get Life Coaching Clients

What you’ll learn
Learn how to structure your coaching in a way that get clients and gets them results
Learn how to build a successful coaching business
Learn how to create life coaching packages that attract your potential clients
Learn how to identify your ideal coaching niche
Learn how to structure your coaching in a way that get a lot of clients and gets them results
Learn how to speak in front of an audience and have get them to enroll in your program

After taking this course you will be able to clearly identify very profitable and easy to reach coaching niches, taking into account how the Life coaching market has changed due to covid.

Create Your First Signature Coaching Program which high paying clients will find irresistable. Create a signature life coaching package that offers your clients the specific results that they want, so they know exactly what they are going to get out of working with you.

Offer free or discounted coaching introductory sessions that get your potential clients results and convert them into long-term clients.  Individual coaching, Self-coaching, and Group training.

The foundation of a good coaching relationship is trust and authenticity. This allows for vulnerability. Coachees who open themselves to being vulnerable also can experience growth in self-compassion.

Most of the session involves the coach listening, and then asking powerfully focused questions.

Some of the benefits that clients get from the life coaching process are:

  • Help your clients empower their thinking and self-talk.
  • Teach your clients to take back their power over negative emotions.
  • Teach your clients eliminate their toxic and limiting beliefs
  • Help your clients make hard decisions and take actions they’ve been putting off.
  • Help your clients overcome fear of change, failure and risk.
  • Help your clients live a life of passion and purpose.

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring Life coaches
  • Life coaches who want to expand their Life coaching business
  • Life coaches who want to get more clients
  • Individuals who wants to package their services in a way that attracts a lot of clients

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