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Keys For Non Profit Startup | Udemy
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The important contributions of non profit startups and their impact to our society

What you’ll learn
Learn the management of non profit startup
Non profit increasing effectiveness of delivery
Key areas that must be watch my NGO”s
Learn internal control of the non profit organizations
The critical role of non profit in helping America youth
Rhe advocacy versus the activist functions of the non profits
The corporatization of the non profit organisations

The world population is growing rapidly, but we all no that the poor and the marginalize in society are continuously suffering without much help from their own government, either some of the government don’t care about them or simply their country is so poor that the basic necessity of live is even difficult to come by. The non government organisations play a very key role in helping the needy in our society and communities.

The increase in non profit start up in our society will go a long way to assist the vulnerable in society, of course the proper management of the non profit organisation is very central in helping the poor in the communities because although the work of the non governmental organizations are fantastic some of them simply use it as a tool to deceived society and a mass wealth for their individual personal interest at the expense of the poor.

Their work on embarking in advocacy and volunteerism is a called in the right direction to help the society, they should established evaluation and monitoring units in their company to ensure that the work is done in a professional way so that people will have confident in them and donate to a very good course.

There should be internal control measures in their business because the image of the company stand for a good course and it will be very bad for society to find out that they are just using their image just to deceived society.

Who this course is for:
everybody, non profit organizations, managers, consultants, students, donors, directors etc

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