France Televisions – 1917 One Year, Two Revolutions (2017)

France Televisions – 1917: One Year, Two Revolutions (2017)
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Between February and October 1917, Imperial Russia, once deemed eternal, plunges into revolution.
In 1917, the starving population of Russia overthrew the Tsar and established a Government. Later that same year, with the Government proving unpopular, they too were overthrown by a Bolshevik led uprising.
Nine months of popular and spontaneous revolt, fueled by the weariness of the Great War. Nine months of hopes, freedom and democratic aspirations, chronicled at that time by a journalist stationed in Petrograd, shedding a new light on this period. Nine months of unrest and uncertainties, before a coup brought about an upheaval that changed the course of History and profoundly altered the future of civilization.
The result of the revolution was the overthrow of the royal family and a complete change in the social system. The next revolution, which culminated in October, led to the complete seizure of power by the Bolsheviks, who managed to exploit the fatigue of the common people after the First World War. This ambiguous, incredibly difficult period of history, filled with a variety of social upheavals, was described in detail by a journalist who happened to be in Petrograd at that moment. And now his gaze will shed light on the dramatic and tragic events of that year.
In February 1917, Russia entered into revolution, sweeping away the tsarist power in a few days. For nine months an uncertain period took shape, made up of great hopes for the people, of unrest and spontaneous revolts, of which a French journalist from the Petit Parisien, Claude Anet, reported. Until the Bolsheviks, led by Lenin and Trotsky, finally seized power in October 1917, opening a new page in Russian history, which was not written in advance.
A wind of freedom blows over the country and a provisional government with a liberal majority is put in place. But the difficulties of the war do not disappear, the capital is unrecognizable. Lenin and Trotsky, who had gone into exile, return to their country and bide their time. Unable to revive the democratic process in the face of the intransigence of the Bolshevik party, the government is now at the mercy of a coup de force. Nine months after the February revolution, and thanks to an operation masterfully orchestrated by Trotsky, the Bolsheviks made themselves masters on October 24 of all the nerve centers of the city, before seizing the Winter Palace. For Lenin, “triggering the world revolution in Russia was as easy as picking up a feather”.
Thanks to unique archive footage, partly colorized, this film aims to revisit through another prism this turning point of the Twentieth Century.

A Film by Bernard George ; A Cineteve Production with France Televisions, CNC, RTBF, RSI, National Geographic, ZED, France 3 and France 5

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