CBT Nuggets – Microsoft Outlook (Office 365 & 2021)

CBT Nuggets – Microsoft Outlook (Office 365 & 2021)
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This entry-level Microsoft Outlook (Office 365 & 2021) training prepares you to keep track of all your communications, plan meetings, and make your job easier with Outlook.

How many emails do you receive every day? How many read and unread emails are sitting in your inbox right now? If you’re stressed out by those numbers – for any reason – you should take this Outlook training.

When used correctly, Microsoft Outlook can make your email inbox more manageable and your job less stressful. This course will show you how to positively take control of your emails and spend less time managing messages, allowing you to spend more time doing your actual job.

After completing this Microsoft Outlook (Office 365 & 2021) training, you’ll know how to keep track of all your communications, plan meetings that you know will be attended, and make your job easier with Outlook.

This Microsoft Outlook (Office 365 & 2021) training has videos that cover topics including:
• Navigating the Outlook user interface and understanding each button
• Writing, formatting, scheduling, sending, and receiving emails with Outlook
• Setting up Outlook with other email inboxes and addresses
• Integrating the Outlook calendar with your workflow

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