Complete Intro to React, v8 | Frontend Masters

Complete Intro to React, v8 | Frontend Masters
English | Size: 2.95 GB
Genre: eLearning

In this 3-day training, attendees will go from knowing nothing — or very little — about React to building a whole app using React and the surrounding tools in the React ecosystem

By participating along with us in the workshop, you’ll learn

Learn the latest APIs like hooks, suspense, and effects.
Learn how to build production-ready React applications.
Learn the tools necessary to package client-side applications.
Find out how to use tools like Prettier and ESLint to maintain high-quality code.
Learn how to write React with and without JSX so you can understand how React works.
Learn the various life cycles of React to be able to coordinate AJAX requests and integrate with third-party libraries.
Learn how to write a single page application using the new Reach Router.



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