Tech Sales U – Intro to Tech Sales | Udemy

Tech Sales U – Intro to Tech Sales | Udemy
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The most comprehensive course for getting a job in tech sales or leveling up your tech sales skill set.

What you’ll learn
Tech industry overview: Your flyover tour of the tech sales industry. Learn the ins and outs of the job, the team, and yes, the pay.
Converting leads: Your first introduction to the practice of selling. Learn how to convert inbound leads who may be comparing you to other competitors.
Finding prospects: Learn how to research leads, generate interest, and show prospective buyers they need whatever you’re dishing out.
Standing out in the job search: Learn the potential career trajectories in Tech Sales and how to interview confidently at any SaaS company.
Getting the job/interviewing: Top performers from Tech Sales U will be offered interviews with fast-growing SaaS companies Bravado has personally vetted.

You’ve got six-figure potential. Bravado’s Tech Sales U is a course designed to help you land a high-paying job in tech sales. It teaches you everything you need to know to become an SDR (Sales Development Representative), your jumping off point to a successful career.

This course covers all aspects of entry-level tech sales and teaches you about the tech sales industry, sales teams and the Sales Development Representative (SDR) position, lead generation and strategy (inbound and outbound), prospect finding, cold and warm calling and emailing, lead conversion, networking and job searching, and a lot more. It also prepares you to interview confidently and land a job in tech sales so you can start earning.

If you’re already an SDR, this course is also a great for leveling your current skillset.

Course graduates will be awarded a certificate of completion, which you can add to your LinkedIn profiles to bolster your resume. There is a ton of follow-up materials to continue learning on Bravado.

Your instructor: With over 10 years of tech sales experience on premier teams like Google, your instructor, TechSalesTom, has achieved the highest echelons of sales success. Over 200k+ TikTok followers tune in daily for Tom’s hard-earned sales wisdom. Tech Sales U is your ticket to exclusive mentorship from one of the biggest names in sales.

Tech sales: Tech sales is one of the fastest-growing, most lucrative industries in the world. With over 1M+ job openings across the country, even an entry level SDR can start as high as 90k. At the highest levels, tech sellers can earn over $250+/year! That’s a career worth investing in. Then best part, getting into tech sales requires no previous sales or tech experience. That’s not to say anyone can just begin applying for jobs and expect to get very far, but this course bridges the gap between your previous experience (or lack there of) and being ready to begin interviewing for your first tech sales job. Thats pretty cool!

Gain experience

Find out how to go from industry outsider to your first sales job

Handle objections

Learn how to research prospects and generate interest

Close deals

Own the art of the deal and put numbers on the boards

Build momentum and crush quota

Learn how to nail your quarter and make lots of $$$

Master outbounding to buyers

Become a pro at executing effective sales processes

Make a $h!& load of money

$90k is a good start. We’ll teach you how to climb to $250k

Who this course is for:
People interested in breaking into lucrative careers in tech sales
Current SDRs and BDRs who want to improve their skills
Recent or soon-to-be college grads looking for a smart way to begin their professional careers
Anyone with professional experience looking for a career-change
Military servicemen and women looking for a way to put their grit and determination to work in the private sector
Former athletes looking to maintain their competitive edge and keep winning while making money



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