Advanced Threat Protection For Dummies

Advanced Threat Protection For Dummies
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Turn on any nationally televised news channel and watch it for a few hours. Odds are that you’ll hear about at least
one major cyberattack that occurred in the previous 48 hours.
Frankly, I can’t think of the last full day when I didn’t hear
about some big data breach— which certainly wasn’t the case
three years ago.
Cyberattacks have become an international crisis, targeting
and affecting every developed nation. Despite spending billions every year for security products, organizations around
the world are losing the battle against a new generation of
cyberattacks, with advanced persistent threats, or APTs, leading the charge.
The bad news is that this crisis is only going to get worse
unless IT organizations start thinking and acting differently.
The good news is that many security-savvy enterprises and
government agencies are doing just that, thanks to a new
weapon in the fight against advanced threats and targeted
attacks called Big Data Security Analytics.
If you’re tired of fighting a losing battle against advanced
threats, you’ve exhausted your options with traditional,
signature-based solutions, or you simply want to make sure
your organization isn’t mentioned next on the evening news,
this book is for you.

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