Big Data Security for Dummies

Big Data Security for Dummies
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These days, the skill of modern hackers has eclipsed the defensive capabilities of traditional cybersecurity tools.
Major breaches are consistently occurring in the networks
of the most technically savvy enterprises and government
agencies — and even in security vendors’ own networks.
Over the years, network security teams have implemented a
wide range of “set-it-and-forget-it” tools that attempt to block
threats based on signatures and traffic behaviors. Although
these tools provide some defensive cover, they may also provide
a false sense of security because high-profile organizations
continue to suffer from new and ingenious attacks.
Security-conscious organizations are turning to Big Data
Security as the newest weapon in their cybercrime arsenals.
By collecting all available digital evidence — including raw
packets, flow data, and files — organizations can uncover
advanced targeted attacks traditional security defenses
sometimes miss. These organizations are learning to use
internal data sources they never knew existed and to extend
the value of known data sources by integrating their Big Data
Security solutions into their existing security fabric.
If you’re in charge of securing your organization’s network or
responding to security incidents, this book is for you.

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