Zero to Mastery – Power BI Bootcamp

Zero to Mastery – Power BI Bootcamp
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This Power BI Bootcamp will take you from absolute beginner in Power BI to being able to get hired as a confident and effective Business Intelligence Analyst. You’ll learn the full Power BI suite of tools, the M programming language, and the DAX formula language, all while analyzing real-world datasets and building enterprise-level projects.

Course overview
We guarantee you that this is the best and most up-to-date Power BI Bootcamp or course that you can find. You’ll not only learn Power BI basics and fundamentals that most courses cover. You’ll also learn advanced topics, tools, and tricks to turn you into a top 10% Business Intelligence Analyst!

• Become a top 10% Business Intelligence Analyst to enhance your skill set and career
• Analyze real-world datasets on fun subjects including Bigfoot and UFO sightings
• Build both guided and independent Power BI projects so that you can put your Power BI
skills into practice and deeply understand the material
• Learn Power Query’s built-in graphical tools to fetch data from a variety of external sources,
clean and transform it, and load it into Power BI
• Master the art and science of Power BI Data Modeling
• Leverage the M programming language to apply and edit advanced transformations that go
beyond the functionality built into the Power Query interface
• How to create and customize Power BI’s most useful visualizations
• How to determine which visualizations are most appropriate for a given data analysis
• Construct a Data Model consisting of multiple distinct datasets, by identifying and
establishing appropriate relationships between these datasets
• Create sophisticated metrics (KPIs) with the Power BI DAX programming language
• Make DAX code more readable and maintainable using whitespace, comments, and
variables, plus using measure tables to organize your measures
• Learn why Power BI is the premier analysis & visualization tool

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