Zabbix Virtual Machine

Zabbix virtual machine
English | Tutorial | Size: 8.6 GB

+———————-In oder to use———————+
1. Import (add) a virtual machine to virtualization software
2. If necessary, change the parameters of RAM, virtual processors, network card.
3. Start and configure the network.The default is to obtain an IP address via DHCP.To find out the current IP address, type ifconfig.
4. Log in login and password (Admin / zabbix)
5. Log in withhttp://IP_server_address:3000with login and password (admin / grafana)
System(sudo): name – zabbix password – zabbix
Zabbix: name Admin (login case sensitive) password zabbix
Grafana: name admin password grafana
In order to update the system and all programs – just type in the console sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade
To shut down the virtual machine – shutdown -h now

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