Wirtz & Lovelock – Services Marketing 8e

Wirtz & Lovelock – Services Marketing 8e
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Jochen Wirtz & Christopher H. Lovelock – Services Marketing: People, Technology, Strategy, 8th edition
Services Marketing: People, Technology, Strategy is the eighth edition of the globally leading textbook for services marketing by Jochen Wirtz and Christopher Lovelock, extensively updated to feature the latest academic research, industry trends, and technology, social media and case examples. This textbook takes on a strong managerial approach presented through a coherent and progressive pedagogical framework rooted in solid academic research. Featuring cases and examples from all over the world, Services Marketing: People, Technology, Strategy is suitable for students who want to gain a wider managerial view of services marketing.

From the preface: Services dominate the expanding world economy like never before, and technology continues to evolve in dramatic ways. Established industries and their often famous and old companies decline, and may even disappear, as new business models and industries emerge. Competitive activity is fierce, with firms often using new strategies and technologies to respond to changing customer needs, expectations, and behaviors. This book has been written in response to the global transformation of our economies to services. Clearly, the skills in marketing and managing services have never been more important!

Creating and marketing value in today’s increasingly service and knowledge-intensive economy requires an understanding of the powerful design and packaging of “intangible” benefits and products, high-quality service operations, and customer information management processes, a pool of motivated and competent frontline employees, building and maintaining a loyal and profitable customer base, and the development and implementation of a coherent service strategy to transform these assets into improved business performance. This textbook provides this knowledge.

Specifically, its main objectives are to:
* Provide an appreciation and understanding of the unique challenges inherent in the marketing, management, and delivery of service excellence at a profit. Readers are introduced to and have the opportunity to work with tools and strategies that address these challenges.
* Develop an understanding of the “state of the art” of services marketing and management thinking.
* Promote a customer service-oriented mind-set.

About the Authors
About the Contributors of the Case Studies
Part I: Understanding Service Products, Consumers, and Markets
1 Creating Value in the Service Economy
2 Understanding Service Consumers
3 Positioning Services in Competitive Markets
Part II: Applying the 4 Ps of Marketing to Services
4 Developing Service Products and Brands
5 Distributing Services through Physical and Electronic Channels
6 Service Pricing and Revenue Management
7 Service Marketing Communications
Part III: Managing the Customer Interface
8 Designing Service Processes
9 Balancing Demand and Capacity
10 Crafting the Serrvice Environment
11 Managing People for Service Advantage
Part IV: Developing Customer Relationships
12 Managing Relationships and Building Loyalty
13 Complaint Handling and Service Recovery
Part V: Striving for Service Excellence
14 Improving Service Quality and Productivity
15 Building a World-Class Service Organization
Part VI: Case Studies
Name Index
Subject Index

Format: PDF
Length: 1239 pages
Published: 2016 by World Scientific Publishing Company
ISBN: 1944659005

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