Wingfox – Create a Wonderland – Lavender Falls (2023) with Gavin O’Donnell

Wingfox – Create a Wonderland – Lavender Falls (2023) with Gavin O’Donnell
English | Tutorial | Size: 7.2GB

In this tutorial, I will show you how I translate my ideas using 2D and 3D tools in a beginner-friendly way. I will also discuss black and white sketching, painting over 3D, photobashing, composition, lighting, and setting up a strong base to paint over in Photoshop. I’ve gone about this whole tutorial in a way that it’s all the key areas broken down into 65 videos spanning, with a total length of over 13 hours.

You will learn how to research, combine ideas and produce

You will also learn how to build an asset kit in Blender.

You can follow along and watch how I tackle the painting process broken down into the key areas/techniques.

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