Vue 3 Internationalization | Pluralsight

Vue 3 Internationalization | Pluralsight
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The requirement for a translation feature is indispensable in Vue applications. This course will teach you how to introduce internationalization in your Vue projects.

What you’ll learn
Vue applications with a global reach must cater to different languages. In this course, Vue 3 Internationalization, you will master the art of tailoring your Vue application to various locales. First, you will delve into the operation of the vue-i18n package and its integration into your current project. After that, you will learn how to personalize the translation options. Finally, you’ll also gain insights into maintaining the selected locale persistently and enhancing the translation process with lazy loading. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of implementing translations based on the chosen locale needed to internationalize your Vue applications.



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