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VSCode for the web

Use VSCode directly on the web for editing Git repos

Although you can use VSCode locally, using it in the web allows you to avoid having an install and dealing with platform problems. There is no account required and you can directly edit GitHub repositories on the web.

In the case of Python, there are a couple of constraints that you must be aware of, like no support to run the terminal and execute a Python program. But syntax and intellisense works great, and we can even make Jupyter Notebooks work with the help of an extension.

If you are a beginner and trying out different text editors, or even if you are a seasoned developer, you will find a case to use this feature of VSCode.

In this lesson you will learn:

Opening a GitHub repository directly on the web and start editing it
Commit and push changes from VSCode on the web to GitHub
What are the constraints and limitations of the Python support
Use Jupyter Notebooks and find what are some of the problems you may find
VSCode for the Web documentation
Minimal Python book
Free Azure Certification for Students
Develop web applications with Visual Studio Code







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