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VMware Foundations | Cybrary
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Virtualization is inevitable. It is everywhere and will remain everywhere for many years to come. This course covers all the important concepts of virtualization with a focus on the important components and features of VMware’s virtualization platform, enough to get you up to speed on this amazing product.

In this course we will begin by defining virtualization, the concept of virtual machines, and introduce VMware vSphere. Next, we will deep dive into vSphere core components: The hypervisor ESXi and the management platform vCenter Server. You will then learn how to manage your virtual machines using the tools available in vSphere including creating templates, cloning a virtual machine, using snapshots, and managing resource consumption of virtual machines. After having understood the core components of vSphere, we will discuss basic network connectivity by introducing Standard Switches with all the important terminology used by VMware. We will also cover ip-based storage and how to configure vSphere to use iSCSI. Next, we will introduce advanced features of vSphere, that is, vMotion, vSphere High Availability and vSphere DRS which will help you make your virtualized data center resilient. Finally, we will summarize all the important concepts you have learned throughout the course, and give you directions on what to do next.



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