Virtualization for Everyone (Sneak Peek) | Pearson

Virtualization for Everyone (Sneak Peek) | Pearson
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Table of contents
Lesson 1: Understanding Virtualization
Learning objectives
1.1 Understanding Virtualization
1.2 Type 1 Hypervisors versus Type 2 Hypervisors
1.3 Virtualization versus Containerization
1.4 Virtualization versus Emulation
1.5 Virtualization Products Overview
Lesson 2: Using VMware Workstation or Fusion
Learning objectives
2.1 Requirements for Using VMware Workstation / Fusion
2.2 VMware Workstation / Fusion Features
2.3 Differences between Player and Pro
Lesson 3: Installation
Learning objectives
3.1 VMware Fusion on MacOS Intel
3.3 VMware Workstation on Windows
3.4 VMware Workstation on Linux
3.5 Upgrading VMware Player to Pro
Lesson 4: Creating Virtual Machines
Learning objectives
4.1 Linux Virtual Machines
4.2 Windows Virtual Machines
4.3 VMware Tools
4.4 Using Host/Guest Filesystems
4.5 Managing VMware Virtual Machine Hardware
Lesson 5: Using Hyper-V on Windows
Learning objectives
5.1 Requirements for Using Hyper-V
5.2 Running Hyper-V
5.3 Using Quick Create to Create a Virtual Machine in Hyper-V
5.4 Creating a Custom Virtual Machine in Hyper-V
Lesson 6: Using Oracle VirtualBox
Learning objectives
6.1 Requirements for Using VirtualBox
6.3 VirtualBox on Linux
6.4 VirtualBox on MacOS
6.5 Creating a Virtual Machine in VirtualBox
6.6 Managing VirtualBox VM Hardware
Lesson 7: Using Vagrant
Learning objectives
7.1 Understanding Vagrant
7.2 Vagrant on Windows
7.3 Vagrant on MacOS
7.4 Vagrant on Linux
7.5 Managing Virtual Machines with Vagrant
Lesson 8: Using KVM
Learning objectives
8.1 Requirements for Using KVM
8.2 KVM on Ubuntu
8.3 KVM on CentOS Stream
Lesson 9: Other Options for Virtualization
Learning objectives
9.1 The Parallels Desktop
9.2 VMware ESXi
9.3 Virtual Machines in Cloud
9.4 ProxMox
Lesson 10: Advanced Virtualization Features
Learning objectives
10.1 Snapshots
10.2 VM Clones
10.3 Nested Virtualization
10.4 Encrypted VMs
10.5 Virtual Networks



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