UseGolang – Web Development with Go v2

UseGolang – Web Development with Go v2
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Learn to build real, production-grade web applications from scratch.

?No trivial TODO apps that barely touch the complexity of a real app.
? No frameworks that hide all the details.
In this course we build and deploy a photo sharing application complete with users, authentication, image uploads, a database, and more. We even deploy to a production server and set up automatic HTTPS.

Web Development with Go is the course I wish I had​
This course takes everything I have learned over years of building web applications and distills it into easy to consume lessons. By the end of the course you will build a complete web application, deploy it to a production server, and understand why you took every step along the way. You will also…

↠ Know exactly how to initialize your database connection and share it without resorting to global variables or other hard to test anti-patterns.
↠ Feel confident saying, “Yes, my authentication system is safe and secure!”
↠ Understand how to organize your code, and how to weigh the trade-offs of various code structures.
↠ Have clear examples of how to email users and build a complete “Forgot your password?” workflow.
↠ And so much more!
This is possible because this is not your run of the mill course. It is a comprehensive breakdown of every little detail you need to know when building and deploying a real web application.

Web Development with Go spans nearly 40 hours of screencasts, and the ebook is roughly 700 pages. Even after completing the course, you will be referencing the material for years to come.



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