Usegolang – Web Development with Go v2 – June 2023 Updated

Usegolang – Web Development with Go v2 – June 2023 Updated
English | Tutorial | Size: 11.83 GB

Learn to build real, production-grade web applications from scratch.
? No trivial TODO apps that barely touch the complexity of a real app.
? No frameworks that hide all the details.
In this course we build and deploy a photo sharing application complete with users, authentication, image uploads, a database, and more. We even deploy to a production server and set up automatic HTTPS.

Section 1: Getting Started
A Basic Web Application (Sample)
Troubleshooting and Slack
Packages and Imports (Sample)
Editors and Automatic Imports (Sample)
The “Hello, World” Part of our Code (Sample)
Web Requests (Sample)
HTTP Methods (Sample)
Our Handler Function (Sample)
Registering our Handler Function… (Sample)
Go Modules (Sample)
Section 2: Adding New Pages
Dynamic Reloading (Sample)
Setting Header Values (Sample)
Creating a Contact Page (Sample)
Examining the http.Request Type (Sample)
Custom Routing (Sample)
URL Path vs RawPath
Not Found Page
The http.Handler Type
The http.HandlerFunc Type
Exploring Handler Conversions
FAQ Exercises

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