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Today, it is extremely important for US information privacy professionals to assist their organizations in respecting the individual information privacy rights and freedoms of their customers, employees, and other stakeholders. Additionally, US information privacy professionals must understand completely the role of US information privacy in both the US private sector and the US public sector.

The US Information Privacy course provides students with insights into the role of information privacy with the US public sector. Of note, this course’s purpose is not to serve as a preparation course for any certification examination. Its purpose is to introduce students to the role of information privacy in the US. This courseprovides students with foundationalknowledge of important information privacy concepts and topics. This course introduces students to several key US Federal Government public sector, privacy-related laws.

Moreover, this course provides students with the role of information privacy within the US private sector. This course explores the roles and responsibilities of the Federal Trade Commission (consumer privacy protection) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (consumer financial privacy protection). This course explores the relationship between health information and information privacy. This course explores the relationship betweenfinancial information and information privacy. The course introduces students to children online privacy.

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