Unreal 5 Stealth Combat: Make Stealth Games in UE5 Blueprint | Udemy

Unreal 5 Stealth Combat: Make Stealth Games in UE5 Blueprint | Udemy [Update 11/2023]
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Build your own 3rd person stealth combat game, complete playable map, alarm hazards, obstacles, enemies &more!

What you’ll learn
An in-depth look at using Blueprints in Unreal to create a 3rd person player controller.
How to use the latest technologies in Unreal 5, like MetaHumans, Quixel, Niagara, Behavior trees, and much more.
Create an enemy AI to interact with the player as we navigate around a map.
Level blockout and level design.
Merging animations to get our 3rd person player controller smoothly navigating around different terrain.
A sensor detection system for the alarms.
An interaction interface to interact with some objects.

​Are you looking to level up your game development skills and take your projects to the next level?

Do you like games like Assassin’s Creed?

Take your skills from beginner to advanced, while learning to organise and scale larger projects. You’ll learn how to use the latest technologies in Unreal 5, like MetaHumans, Quixel, Niagara, Behavior trees, and much more.

This course has everything you need to know, from start to finish, to create an Assassin’s Creed like stealth combat game.

Even if you’re not interested in stealth combat style games, these skills are super transferable to other types of games.

You’ll use Unreal Blueprints to create a 3rd person stealth combat game. You’ll create your own playable map, complete with alarm hazards, obstacles, intractables, enemies AND a local leaderboard to show the quickest map completion times!

So if you’ve already used Unreal and are looking to develop greater skills inside the engine. Or you’ve always wanted to create your own ‘Assassins Creed’ like combat stealth game. Or you’re simply looking to fully complete a whole project within the engine. This is the course for you!

This is a “Beginner+” course, which means you should have a beginner’s understanding of the Unreal engine and a simple understanding of blueprints.

You’ll get full lifetime access for a single one-off fee. The creators are qualified and experienced coders, so are able to explain complex concepts clearly, as well as entertain along the way. We’re thrilled to have teamed up with Gorka Games to bring you this course.

Benefit from our world-class support from both other students, and the instructors who are on the forums regularly.

You’ll gain access to a course forum where you can discuss topics on a course-wide basis, or down to the individual video. Get plugged into our communities of amazing developers on Facebook (nearly 20k), in our own TA-curated Community (17k views/day), and our student chat group (10k live at any one time).

Dive in now!

Who this course is for:
This course is great if you already have a decent understanding of the basics of Unreal, but are looking to develop greater skills inside the engine.
It’s also ideal if you want to create an ‘Assassins Creed’ like sort of combat stealth game.
And it’s perfect if you want to fully complete a whole project.





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