Understanding CouchDB 3: Learn Basic & Advanced NoSQL Skills | Udemy

Understanding CouchDB 3: Learn Basic & Advanced NoSQL Skills | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Install and configure CouchDB
Understand differences between CouchDB and traditional databases
Create and edit documents and databases
Security options for CouchDB
Work with design documents and Map/Reduce to query data
Work with the Mango Query system to query data
Utilize replication and clustering
Perform many actions in bulk

UPDATED FOR CouchDB 3.0!!!

Apache CouchDB is an exciting NoSQL database that is easy to get up and running with. It stores JSON documents and attachments of any type. You are free to store your data the way you want, and access it the way you want. It features a brilliant web interface which allows you to quickly maintain many aspects of the program and each database.

In this course we will discuss:

The fundamentals of what CouchDB is, and how it differs from traditional databases

The different versions of CouchDB that are available (version 1 thru 3 and Cloudant)

How to install CouchDB on MacOS, Windows and Linux

How to sign up for a hosted CouchDB account

Working in the web interface (Futon and Fauxton)

Working with the REST API

Create and work with Design Documents

Running queries with Mango

Replication among databases and servers

Database partitioning

Clustered servers

Old versions that still may be in use will still be covered in a legacy section

More content will be added to this course as CouchDB develops, waiting anxiously for version 4.0!

Please note: this course is about Apache CouchDB and NOT Couchbase which is a completely unrelated database

The official slogan of CouchDB is “Relax.” So relax and enjoy this class and CouchDB. There are no stupid questions, so relax and ask them.

Who this course is for:
Students and developers interested in using CouchDB
NoSQL database users looking to expand into CouchDB
Anyone looking for an alternative to traditional relational databases



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